South West Community Rail Partnership along with many of its partners focus on improving health and wellbeing, encourage active travel and believe in sustainable work to help our environment. We hope to do our bit to make the world a better place.

Some of us folks here are going on a TREK:

Crossmyloof Railway Station- Barrhead Railway Station around 6-8 miles, (there is a shorter route option and you can stop at any station we pass along the way to head home or to Barrhead to welcome the rest of the walkers!)

Friday May 5th 2017, 11am start, meeting at Titwood Road, Crossmyloof Railway Station. The walk may take around 3 hours, with stops and depending on different paces!

Limited spaces available, please confirm your space with Theresa 0141 632 7155

We are not looking for your money for sponsorship! What??!! We ask you to make a pledge instead!

Search for ‘SOUTH WEST CRP TREK Do Nation’ and sign up to make a pledge! Simple as that!

There are so many to pledges to choose from, people have been known to pledge to try cycling after years of not being on a bike, cook a meal with friends, encourage others to be active, recycle more, go meat free, or adopt healthier eating habits! No need to limit it to one - do as many as you dare! And remember - you only have to try it for two months.

Small actions really do add up to make a big difference!

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