James Dornan MSP Launches Exciting New Consultation on Strict Liability on Football Clubs

MSP for Glasgow Cathcart James Dornan has today launched an extensive consultation seeking the public’s views on placing strict liability on Scotland’s professional football clubs.

Strict liability would make the clubs legally responsible for the unacceptable behaviour of their fans, and would leave them open to a number of sanctions, to be determined on the back of the consultation.

James Dornan MSP said:

“I’m a passionate supporter of Scottish football and care deeply about the future of the game in Scotland. Football is a powerful force in Scottish society; it can unite communities and enhance cultural diversity and these forces have brought huge changes to the game in the last few decades.

“However, the behaviour of a minority of supporters continues to blight the game, communities and of course individuals in a way that is totally unacceptable in any other context; be it sectarianism, homophobia, misogyny or xenophobia, all of which often can result in violence, this is unacceptable in 21st Century Scotland.

“My proposal seeks to hold the football clubs accountable and responsible for the intolerable behaviour of their fans. I hope that this will help create a non-threating environment at and around football matches.

“I encourage everyone who has an interest in their community and in preserving the beautiful game to participate in this consultation. The time is right for strict liability. That is why I am holding this consultation.”

To view the consultation document please watch the video below.

You can also find information in The Scottish Parliament’s business bulletin https://bb.parliament.scot/#20161130

If you wish to submit your views on James’s proposal please visitwww.parliament.scot/proposed-football-strict-liability-bill

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